" Through color I am able to express all of those feelings from deep within myself which struggle to surface, finding my own way to communicate all that I live and feel many times unable to be transformed into words.

Suffering, happiness or just the fact to live and to breath make me feel each moment of my life, which impregnated into my paintings, become more than an harmonic combination of forms and colors, and could be the most honest portrait of my soul.

I have explored through different styles and techniques in search of that inner self that protests to escape, passing from figurative to abstract, from oil to pastel, from mundane to sacred. I have felt a strong attraction for the risk and the chance, which hide the unknown feelings that flow in the watercolor technique.It is here where a just equilibrium between observation and meditation of nature is the spontaneous result which arises from the colored water traveling over the paper following a marvelous path, as a leaf which falls confidently and freely in the path of the unexpected.

Realizing the road the artist follows is a coming and going of ideas, expressions and techniques, today feeling as I do, acrylic as well as mixed media techniques have become an important alternative for expressing this interior force which emerges through the combination of stroke and color".

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